4ze Racing

We are a Formula Student Electric team based out of SRM University, Chennai.


In 2012, a group of students from SRM University built a electric vehicle as a research project. Their learning experience spurred them onto make their first prototype car called "RIO". From then on, more & more young and innovative minds began to collabrate on the project with one sole purpose: pushing the boundaries of knowledge & skill of EV technology within our college, creating Indian engineers capable of working in the everchanging automotive industry. On discovery of the FSAE platform, where an international challenge helped further our cause, "VOLTAIC" came to fruition, becoming the team's first attempt at building a competitive electric vehicle. The team competed in Formula Electric Italy in 2015, changing the dynamic of the team for the years to come. The added motivation of the team being one of the first five electric teams from India to have competed at such an international level, added to both the enthusiasm & the creativity of the team.

We strive to remain competitive, by developing ourselves both technologically & managerially rapidly. Hence, we have grown into a team of 40 hardworking, dedicated and passionate students (from various disciplines of engineering), working towards becoming the best resource of EV technology in India & eventual competitors in Formula Student events in India & abroad. Riding on that wave of competitive zeal, we began pushing our limits to make our cars to go faster on the track, leading to the birth of "ZEV2.0". This car competed at Formula Green, in Coimbatore. We were placed in 1st place at this competition by a big margin.

Capitalizing on the gain of knowledge & use of engineering practices gained from the event, we are currently developing our third competition vehicle.


Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers).

The first competition was started back in 1979 after Mark Marshek, then at University of Houston(Texas) contacted the SAE Educational Relations Department in 1978 to discuss adding a variant event of the Mini Baja the name Mini Indy was founded.
The concept behind Formula SAE is that of a fictional manufacturing company. The task is to develop a small Formula-style race car, evaluate its potential as a production item. The target audience typically, a non- professional weekend autocross racer. Students of the team are expected to be part of technical and/or operations team. The technical team's objective is to design, manufacture & test the prototype bound by a set of rules, which promotes clever problem solving.

The operations team's objective is to maintain resource manage, event manage & market the team so that the technical team remains fully funded.




ISNEE (Indian Society of New Era Engineers) is an Indian organization that provides a platform to all the Engineering and Diploma pursuing candidates to steer their way into the automtive industry. ISNEE's design challenges are "Go Kart Design Challenge", "Quad TORC" and "Formula Green". All the research and analysis that goes into the designing and fabrication of vehicles gives unmatched hands-on experience to the participants. This formulated path enables a student to become a thorough professional with healthy knowledge of Engineering and Management, making them fit for the automotive industry's arduous tasks.


Dr. C. MuthamizhchelvanDirector (Engineering & Technology)
Dr. Leenus Jesu MartinHEAD OF Department Automobile &Team Principal
Mr.P.Praveen KumarFounder
Mr.T.KaviyarasuFaculty Advisor