Formula Green

Formula Green - Discovering The Future, is a Design Challenge initiated by Indian Society of New Era Engineers to enhance the student's approach in engineering and diploma pursuing students. The team at ISNEE felt that this design challenge is the need of the hour considering the present climatic conditions of the world where our eco system is perishing very brisk fully. The main intention of this competition is to design and fabricate a formula vehicle which runs on electric power bound to some specific rules and regulations.

This season's Formula Green has been a very crucial event for us. Total 9 teams showed up to the event, out of which 4 teams were allowed for dynamics event. We feel very proud to say that we have won the 2nd Formula Green event.


ATA organizes the Italian Formula Student Electric event.The purpose of Formula SAE is to encourage students and young graduates to design, manufacturing and test a single- seated racing car. Students work on designs, fabrication and marketing strategies which provides each team involved the opportunity to face a real-life professional situation, working in a team context with time deadlines and making both business and managerial decisions in the process of tackling automotive engineering matters. The teams are evaluated and awarded by a Technical Committee, formed by experts in the field from industry and institutions, the basis of the characteristics and performance of the vehicles, their level of innovation and the industrial aspects. The event provides a platform for a cross amalgamation of initiatives of academic institutions and the interaction between university and industry in terms of technological advancements and for the development of the culture of the environment friendly vehicles.